Hi everyone! Ca va bien?
I changed my English name from Jovian to Atree. Today I updated some wallpapers. I have a big screen now! So I added some big big wallpapers for you. 2013 March, April, May, Autumn and Winter. 2014 is coming. I hope that you have a happy new year and a new self! Well, the wallpaper only has took 112MB of the website space. I'm thinking of buy 400MB website space for next year!

Hey dear! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so happy to bring a new chapter of Selldream to you. The purple version, the 11th version of Selldream! The style of selldream never changed. That is, beautiful, fantastic and feminine. From now on I'll try to design new versions every year, so that the version number is exactly the age of selldream!

First I updated background music. Also, I added 154 pieces of midi music-the fancy package! the hardest part is the RPG midi. I'll try to work on it later.Then I updated about me part. I listed all my dreams.

See some difference in this news board? I changed the emotion gifs. are they cute ah? love it! I updated wallpapers for Nov, Dec of 2012 and Jan,Feb for 2013.Small changes in Guest and Link part. Next time I will add apply part.

Please don't click on the butterfly

Hey! long time no see! It's the beginning of winter. I'm looking forward to snow! First, I updated midi music and complete the midi session (almost, ok, half of it) .It was a lot of work! It was 150 music! Then I added background music "Starry Sky". This time the background music has a theme! Also, wallpaper Aug, Sep and Oct were added for download. Book section was currently completed by adding 4 more books.

Hey! Ca va Bien? Added history version 10. Added a lot of bookssssss~ 6 books! Well now basically Im reading books on ipad. I find I still prefer to read books in my hand Also I added wallpapers for May, June and July, 2012. Enjoy! Well it becomes harder and harder for me to find nice wallpapers I started look for nice bg music on musicyun. Please forgive me about the link that I got

Hey~Today I received an E-mail saying that I need to update my website! I felt so touched! So yes, here I am~Last week I had a good weekend. I went to downtown at Saturday and climbed hills at Sunday. I took some pics and share them to you~ As I said, I added some midis that I collected several years ago. Right, literally several years ago. Maybe it was when I was in middle school or high school. Also added wallpapers March & April. Enjoy~